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  1. Abdullah Almahrooqi

    Abdullah Almahrooqi3 uur geleden

    Koman out from Barc Right Now with old cows 🐮

  2. Vijayalaksmi

    Vijayalaksmi3 uur geleden

    i was born on 2009 and this happened in the same year Barca forever

  3. NIHAS .N

    NIHAS .N3 uur geleden

    Visca BARCA (we love our barca for ever)😍😍 മലയാളി messi ഫാൻ കേരളത്തിൽ നിന്ന് നിഹാസ് ❤️💙

  4. Adhil Kp

    Adhil Kp4 uur geleden

    First buy some good defender's and. Suck koman and sing xavi Also buy a good no:9 striker

  5. William Rivera

    William Rivera4 uur geleden

    Este equipo es messi y terstegen nadie mas, solo rescataria como base a futuro a los jovenes pedri, dest, mingueza araujo, de jong, riqui puig, ilaix, Konrad y ansu fati Griezman out Dembele out Pique out desde hace 3 temporadas Lenglet out Sergi roberto out Busquets out Alba out Umtiti out Pjanic out Trincao out Firpo out Coutinho out Braitwhite out koeman out

  6. JWS

    JWS4 uur geleden


  7. Ndg

    Ndg4 uur geleden

    @Roberto out @Piqué out

  8. Aadeeshvar Singh

    Aadeeshvar Singh4 uur geleden

    We are 💩 but are now kinda improving but Barcelona had dug a good form since December but now they have collapsed

  9. Momonosuke King of Wano

    Momonosuke King of Wano4 uur geleden

    Pique overrated...concede many goals in UCL many years & now all of goals levante are his responbility as a libero

  10. Ethan Mbappé

    Ethan Mbappé4 uur geleden

    Koeman out

  11. Abir Paul

    Abir Paul4 uur geleden


  12. LEMON

    LEMON4 uur geleden


  13. Abir Paul

    Abir Paul4 uur geleden

    FCB vs Crystal Palace 0-8

  14. Johakim Mentawai

    Johakim Mentawai4 uur geleden

    Kenapa dengan pemain Barca dan Pelatih/Managernya...

  15. TUCO

    TUCO4 uur geleden

    1:24:43 (1_0) 1:33:19 (2_0) 2:10:05 (2_1) 2:12:48 (2_2) 2:16:52 (3_2) 2:36:24 (3_3)

  16. Vladimir Makarov

    Vladimir Makarov4 uur geleden

    Many of u will say that we won CDR. But CDR dosent matter anymore. We won against noob teams and won the title. La loga is the main thing that koeman didn't prepare the team for. *Sorry Koeman but we can't take it anymore*

  17. Jama Mohamoud

    Jama Mohamoud4 uur geleden

    Congratulations woman. You're very better than Barcelona men. They don't win laliga or champions league only they win copa del ray

  18. د. محمد الرماحي Dr M. Alramahy

    د. محمد الرماحي Dr M. Alramahy4 uur geleden

    The happiest moment for Levante coach when Dembele left the pitch! Only stupid coach take his best Player (Demebele) out, Koeman doesn't know his team and MUST LEAVE ASAP. Stegen become very bad keeper and that's expected because no one challenge him. Riqui was very good but because the coach doesn't like we don't see him. Tiki Taka is over, new tactic is required.

  19. Soham Mohapatra

    Soham Mohapatra4 uur geleden

    Koeman forgot we have to defend too, it doesn't matter if we score 3 or 30, opponents can do it too, koeman is not made for big games, we want xavi as our manager 🙏

  20. Alessandro Martinez

    Alessandro Martinez4 uur geleden

    Koeman out

  21. Игорь Bahjus

    Игорь Bahjus4 uur geleden



    WANS ENTERTIMENT4 uur geleden

    Koeman outtttt

  23. ANi

    ANi4 uur geleden

    Zidane makes subs gets back into game Koeman makes subs to get out of game Get in

  24. bruce ven

    bruce ven4 uur geleden

    NO Roberto, PLEASE!

  25. pratik neupane

    pratik neupane5 uur geleden

    Please leave the club!

  26. ANi

    ANi5 uur geleden

    Wow koeman makes Valvarde look like a fricking Chad of a manager .

  27. ANi

    ANi5 uur geleden

    Welcome to FC mediocrity Where we bottle leads for fun and to earn money from betting Vamos 🔴🔵

  28. Jorge Xiloj

    Jorge Xiloj5 uur geleden

    Él King Arturo Vidal


    MR. PESGAMER5 uur geleden

    Happy Birthday De Jong😍😍

  30. Nikhil Eric

    Nikhil Eric5 uur geleden


  31. Nikhil Eric

    Nikhil Eric5 uur geleden


  32. Nikhil Eric

    Nikhil Eric5 uur geleden


  33. Hakilu À. Hakhim

    Hakilu À. Hakhim5 uur geleden

    Please get out koeman

  34. Old KSI Videos

    Old KSI Videos5 uur geleden


  35. Vikhil singh

    Vikhil singh5 uur geleden

    It doesn't matter we replaced how many coaches so live whatever results we have this club died after Enrique and Neymar departure and from that day I still feel why they do that 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  36. Siddharth Tewari

    Siddharth Tewari5 uur geleden

    Tbh we don't deserve to win this title...we really don't....throughout we have bottled chances of winning the league...not only against strong but weaker ones as well...till now we should've wrapped up the title...but no..here we stand

  37. Ak Knight

    Ak Knight5 uur geleden

    Barca Defense is the Main reason we loose all Important Games. Every time our Attack's work go in vain .All these years in our Important Match Our Attack does all their Work and then Defense comes and Bottle our Game. We need CB someone like Van Dijk , Ramos (Before 2020) to lead our defense.

  38. Ak Knight

    Ak Knight5 uur geleden

    There it goes the Usual Suspect our Defense again bottled it.

  39. Polar

    Polar5 uur geleden

    Ehhhh Messi!

  40. Arjit Tiwari

    Arjit Tiwari5 uur geleden

    Defence of FC Goa>>>>>>>>>> FC BARCELONA

  41. Real Story

    Real Story5 uur geleden



    JESSY PRINCE5 uur geleden

    World's best defence

  43. Linda Peeter

    Linda Peeter5 uur geleden

    Well see ya in next season

  44. Ali Drilox

    Ali Drilox5 uur geleden

    Out roberto🖕

  45. misael carias

    misael carias5 uur geleden

    Felidsdes chicas ya son campeanas de Liga cuando juegan la final de champion alguien me puede decir gracias

  46. Mohannad Almehwashi

    Mohannad Almehwashi5 uur geleden


  47. Cristobal Calleros

    Cristobal Calleros5 uur geleden

    I hope Messi leaves this dead team and goes to a competitive one